The Antarctic

Deception Island whaling station pan

Grytviken panoramic

Welcome to The Falklands

We will remember them

Whaler's Bay, Deception Island panoramic

Christ Church Cathedral, The Falklands

Whistle Cove, South Georgia

Fur Seal, Whistle Cove, South Georgia

King Penguin, South Georgia

Elephant Seal male

King Penguin 2, South Georgia

Elephant Seal female

King Penguins, South Georiga

Going for a swim

Sleeping penguin

Hello there!

Jack Vettriano South Georgia style

King Penguin colony, Saint Andrew's Bay, South Georgia

King Penguin chicks

Crazy chick!

An addition to the Gold Harbour colony

Gold Harbour King Penguin colony, South Georgia

Pintado (Cape) Petrel

Pintado (Cape) Petrel 2

Gentoo Penguin, South Georgia

Blue-Eyed Shag, New Island, The Falklands

Sneaking past, Gold Harbour, South Georgia

Elephant Seal, Gold Harbour, South Georgia

Rockhopper Penguin, New Island, The Falklands

Prepare for take off

Albatross over Rockhopper colony, New Island, The Falklands

Black-Browed Albatross

Chinstrap Penguin colony, Elephant Island

Rockhopper Penguin, West Point Island, The Falklands

Bergy bit at Elephant Island

Wotcha doing?

Albatross take off, West Point Island, The Falklands

Watchful Striated Caracara

Minefield, Stanley, The Falklands

Ship detail

Pintado (Cape) Petrel, Southern Ocean

Calm - Elsehul, South Georgia

Stromness viewed from Shackleton's Waterfall, South Georgia

Stromness whaling station, South Georgia

Stromness, South Georgia

Fur Seal, Elsehul, South Georgia

Moulting Elephant Seals, Whistle Cove, South Georgia

Shackleton's Grave, Grytviken, South Georgia

Grytviken, South Georgia

Norwegian Lutheran Church (Whaler's Church), Grytviken, South Georgia

Wild Point, Elephant Island

Captain Luis Pardo, saviour of Shackleton's men, with Chinstrap Penguins, Elephant Island

Neptune's Window, Deception Island

The Polar Star inside the caldera, Deception Island

Jolles remains, Whaler's Bay, Deception Island

Jolles (water boats), Whaler's Bay, Deception Island

Hektor Whaling Station tanks, Whaler's Bay, Deception Island

Hektor Whaling Station, Whaler's Bay, Deception Island

Tanks, Hektor Whaling Station, Deception Island

Gentoo Penguins, Deception Island

Wandering Albatross, Southern Ocean

The Europa, Deception Island

Approaching Port Lockroy, Antarctic Peninsula

Paddling Gentoos, Antarctic Peninsula

Wandering Gentoo, Goudier Island, Antarctic Peninsula

Port Lockroy, Antarctic Peninsula

Nesting Gentoo, Goudier Island, Antarctic Peninsula

Southern Giant Petrel

Southern Giant Petrel overhead

Ice reflections

Porpoising Gentoos, Neko Harbour,Antacrtica

Castellated iceberg, Antacrtica

Pléneau Island, Antarctica

Southern Giant Petrel landing

Southern Giant Petrel take off

Wind-sculpted ice 1, Pléneau Island, Antarctica

Ice throne, Pléneau Island, Antarctica

Wind-sculpted ice 2, Pléneau Island, Antarctica

Wind-sculpted ice 3, Pléneau Island, Antarctica

Toppled ice, Pléneau Island, Antarctica

Humpback dive, Antarctica

Shackleton panoramic

South Georgia pan.

Stanley Coast, The Falkland Islands

South Shetland Islands

Ushuaia - day pan.

Ushuaia - night panoramic


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