Alaska and Western Canada

Waterfall at South Sawyer Glacier

Bushwhacking, Hyder

View through berg, Tracy Arm Fjord

Valley of clouds, Denali NP


south sawyer glacier panorama 2

Denali NP

Kis'pioux totems, British Columbia

Hyder dump 1

Joffre Lake

Galcier Bay NP

John Hopkins Glacier, Glacier Bay NP

Steamboat graveyard

Mountains, Glacier Bay NP 2

Mount Crillon reflections, Glacier Bay NP

Kluane NP, Yukon

Medial moraine, Glacier Bay NP

Hiking, Denali NP

Sun burst

Raven, The Chilkat Dancers, Haines

Tlingit performance, The Chilkat Dancers, Haines

Wolf, The Chilkat Dancers, Haines

Raven, Tlingit performance, The Chilkat Dancers, Haines

The Chilkat Dancers, Tlingit performance, Haines


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